Borrow money for funeral

Of course it is an annoying time if you have to borrow money for funeral, it means that the deceased himself had not taken out insurance and that the corresponding invoice for the funeral itself must be paid. They are also large amounts that you get thrown around your ears, because a funeral, no matter how simple, is going well in the papers.

What amount should you take into account and how can you best take out a loan for this in the best way? You don’t have to decide very quickly, because it will probably take a few months before you get the invoice. Usually the organization that takes care of the funeral waits a month or two or three to send the bill, out of pity with the relatives. But even then this bill must be paid within the specified period.

Borrow money for funeral

We can be brief about what credit you can best take out to pay for the funeral. In fact, only the personal loan is eligible to handle this properly, all other loans that are available are used for other purposes and are therefore less suitable. You could possibly consider a revolving credit, but because the interest and the duration are variable, it could happen that you are tied to this credit for too long. But it is a choice that you have to make yourself.

With a simple funeral you must quickly take into account an amount of at least 5,000 euros. If you opt for several extras, such as following cars, laying out, being together afterwards with food and drinks, this amount can easily amount to 10,000 euros. It just depends on the kind of funeral that leaves you feeling good.

What should I arrange

Upon the death of a loved one you have to contact a funeral director yourself to ask if he wants to arrange the funeral, of course he or she accepts the assignment. You can then indicate yourself which services you want to use, you can organize them exactly according to your own choice.

There are, however, a number of things that you should have a good overview of. How many people come to the funeral, for example, is a component that immediately reduces costs, the more people, the higher the bill will be.

Funeral on installment

It remains of course an annoying side effect, you recently lost a loved one and you find out that no insurance has been taken out. You will then have to incur costs yourself in order to conclude this in a worthy manner. Annoying that you have to make debts for that, but when the facts are there, there is not much that can be done.

How do I know if the deceased has insurance?

This is something that not many people know, but there is a website where you can check whether a deceased person still has a policy somewhere that might pay out in the event of death. In the past you had to go to all insurance companies to find out if a policy was ever taken out, now you no longer have to. You go to the website of security where you can request this information from all companies in one go after entering the requested data.

Even if it is a very old policy, say 50 years ago, it will still be found. Please note, this application can only be made by the children of the deceased and this must also be demonstrated by digitally sending a copy of the death certificate and proof that you are indeed a child of the deceased: can are a birth certificate, extract from municipal basic administration, registration in marriage certificate, mention in the certificate of inheritance or mention in will.

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