Interest-Free Loan to Housewives (State-Supported Grant)

Housewives can apply for bank loans to earn additional income or to establish their own businesses. In this way, they can start their business life and support both their family income and their own budgets. Both banks and government agencies can offer interest-free loans to housewives . If you want to take advantage of these credits you can get information by reading the entire article. At the same time, these loans can be provided not only to start a business, but also to meet your other basic needs. Let us examine the possibilities of interest-free loans .

How to Get Interest-Free Credit to Housewives?

The possibility of interest-free credit to housewives who want to own their own business comes from the state. With the support provided by the state, housewives who start their own business can receive loans without interest . Housewives who work under difficult conditions to contribute to the family economy or who do not work at home because it is not possible to work under these conditions will establish employment for many unemployed housewives by establishing interest-free loans to housewives provided by the state. There are many jobs that many housewives do as a home hobby. There are many interest-free credit support provided by the government for women who want to turn this hobby into a business to generate income.

These supports can be used not only to start a business, but also to develop or upgrade your existing business. If you want to make such moves, you can benefit from interest-free credit supports provided by the government or as a result of agreements made by the state and banks. In grants where many supports are possible, thanks to the supports, housewives will become the bosses of their own business and individuals with economic freedom. The information about the grant loan support to the housewives and the district loan is as follows;

District Office Loan for Housewives

The District Governorate and Social Welfare Foundation provides a business start-up loan of 15 thousand pounds to housewives who want to own their own business. The district housewife loan, which is not repaid for a year, is repaid without interest in 3 years. The most important criteria sought in the loan application is to ask for 2 officers as guarantor.

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Provided by the District Governor and Social Assistance Foundation for the housewives’ loan to the district governor, they will be able to earn more by reducing the cost and making their own money by making their own production for themselves at home.

Non-Refundable Loan to Housewives

Non-Refundable Loan to Housewives

A credit facility is also offered to housewives by Government. Government, which provides a great deal of support to women who want to have a job, can provide support up to 80% according to the applications. The things you can set up for the non-repayable loan from the state to the housewives; It consists of homemade food shop, underwear shop, women’s shoes and accessories shop, and women’s hairdresser. Housewives who want to benefit from this loan go through a priority 4-day training and at the end of this training, they create a business project. You can apply for a non-refundable government loan by applying with the resulting business project and you can be among the women who have their own financial freedom by starting your own business.

You can get more detailed information from Government Supports.

What is Micro Credit for Housewives?

Another credit for housewives is micro credit . So what is micro credit? How to get micro credit? Micro-credit is the loan support provided by 5 housewives who live in the same region and come together to start a small business and provided approximately TL 1000-3000 . The loan is interest free and repaid in the same installments. Although small, you can operate in many businesses.

How to get micro credit?

Support is provided if 5 housewives living in the same region apply to public education centers. As in many other fields, there are those who abuse goodwill. In order to prevent this abuse, the authorities supervise you every week and sign them regularly. If you use the loan in an area other than the job you specified at the time of application , you will be penalized. When used properly, microcredit provides a good start for housewives. So much so that there are housewives who start their own business with micro credit and now have many employees.

The works that can be established with micro credit are as follows;

  • Hairdresser’s salon (low budget)
  • Tailor,
  • Crafts,
  • Decoration,
  • Ornament, ornamental materials,
  • Henna organization, equipment rental


Loan for Housewives

You want to contribute to the economy by creating your own business and create employment, but you don’t have money? The government provides a business start-up loan to housewives who want to start their own business. For example, you opened a female hairdresser. In the first stage, you will be eligible for 50.000 TL grant and 100.000 TL interest free loan. You can also apply to the interest-free loan program of TL 50,000 and benefit from this loan.

50 thousand pounds of graceful support and 100 thousand pounds of interest-free credit will be quite sufficient for a good start in order to open a business for housewives who do not have a capital to start a business. You can do business opportunities with non-refundable 50.000 TL ;

  • If you trust your talent and taste in design, you can open a clothing store where you can sell your designed clothes.
  • If you are a person who works wonders when you get a pair of scissors, you can open a female hairdresser that puts forward great models.
  • You can open a beauty shop that uses various accessories and personal care that attracts the attention of women.
  • You can open a shop that makes great home-made dishes such as brioche and ravioli.

You can make a good start with a good budget by adding the loans provided by the banks to the housewives besides the business start-up loan given to housewives.

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